Monday, January 28


Bell Rock

This beautiful red rock sandstone and limestone formation is the most prominent and widely recognized of the Sedona landmarks. Courthouse Butte is seen to the right of Bell Rock in this image.

Sedona is considered a major vortex area, having four powerful vortexes within a few square miles of each other, the most concentration of vortexes so close in proximity to each other than anywhere else on Earth.

From Sedona Life magazine, Religion of the Red Mountains, by Heather Hughes,

Indian legend tells us that there are four places in the world designated as power spots and that these four are broken into two plus two -- two positive and two negative, or two "light" and two "dark". It is believed that the two positive places in the world are Kauai, Hawaii, and Sedona - both red-rock country. Sedona and Kauai, the Indians say, are vortexes of energy in which the Great Spirit gives birth to rainbows.

Indians tell us that the towering crimson peaks stimulate sensitivity and that here a man realizes his true dreams and ambitions. They also say that the mountains are like a great magnet and that people are drawn to them because it is the home of the Great Spirit. Amid red-rock country, it is said that man comes face to face with himself and the potentials of his nature.

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